• Preservation and protection of forests

    As of 01.01.2013, the number of forest guards is 120 people.

    To protect forests from fires in 2012 in the forestry created 1,500 km of mineralized bands. Conducted care mineralized strips with a total area of 3,000 km. Forest fire protection in forestry by ground methods. The entire territory is controlled by two PHS forestry, fire fighting equipment, paragraphs 11, 10 fire – watch towers including 2 equipped with video monitoring systems. For forest fires in forestry has 8 fire engines, one tractor, 2 barrels RZHT, 2 trailer water tank with motor pump “Honda” and other means of preventing and fighting fires. In 2012, the territory of forestry there were 8 cases of fires, a total area of 1.52-ha. For the year 2012 revealed 8 cases of illegal cutting total – 53.69 cu. m Forest protection from disease is based on data lesoentomologicheskogo monitoring, which is held on an area 2450 hectares, including 1,000 hectares – by bark beetles Typography, 450 hectares – the common pine sawfly, 250 hectares – the pine moth and 750 hectares – the gypsy moth. To limit the damage was done by the complex health and wellness and destructive forest protection activities. Network reconnaissance surveillance organized in 12 forest districts, includes 177 supervised areas to oversee the 7 most dangerous types of pests. Permanent trip course laid in Eremichskom Schorsovskom and forest areas and includes 40 points of accounting. There are also permanent sample plots for spruce and oak in Novogrudsky forestry, on a birch forest area in Mir at Lyubchanskom ash in forestry, where the dynamics of the forest-pathological processes in rocks.



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