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    Novogrudok Forestry engaged ancillary commercial activities, ie harvesting and collection of wild plants and non-timber forest: berries, mushrooms, medicinal raw materials, fruits, household brooms, etc. If there pchelopaseka forestry, which is located in the Novogrudok forestry and has 30 families. In 2012, received 64 kg of honey. Total for 2012 harvested production side use the amount of 208.6 million rubles. Including: – Wild fruits and berries – 20 m; – Birch sap – 173.5 tons; – Economic broom – 5.5 thousand units – A broom bath – 6,6 thousand units In 2009, the FME was purchased for rent lake Chereshlya. For the year 2012 have been issued permits for recreational fishing in the number-717 pcs., The fishing catch was – 0.635 tons of fish.



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