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    With a large resource base, Forestry recycles wood in a modern woodworking shop. Workshop “Batarovka”, is located two kilometers from the city and apart from Novogrudok timber trimming and edging produces pagonazhnye products (paneling, flooring), rounded timber for log cabins baths, number of peeled, fuel briquettes. Allow to dry products, which is performed by two drying chambers ITMO built in 2008 and ARC block kilns running at 487 341 2011. Used for sawing sawing machines, two lines of small-scale wood processing, and other circular saws for processing mill board. In recent years there has been an active modernization of processing equipment. Already bought the machine brusovochny BHS 2/37, four-sided planer Winner BL 6-23, trimming machine VR 800. Running the line for production of fuel briquettes, which includes BP 420A briquetting press and equipment for drying sawdust. As part of the State Program of Development of Forestry of Belarus for 2011-2015, the program more efficient use of wood-fuel resources in the woodworking industry (shops) MLH for 2011-2015 production created for the production of wood chips. Production capacity woodworking shop allowed to recycle in 2011 about 25 thousand cubic meters. meters of wood. Production volumes for 2011 were 12.7 thousand m3 of lumber, 353 m3 of wood rounded, 1765 m3 of wood chips, produced 857 tons of fuel briquettes, dried 3.6 thousand m3 of timber. In general, over the past five years (2006 of 2011) increased by forestry industrial output by 3.4 times, export – by 3.2 times. 47.2% of products exported to the country and abroad: the Russian Federation, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.

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