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    Forest certification – an activity of international non-profit organization “Forest Stewardship Council» (FSC™), which aims to confirm the prudent and proper management of forest resources in accordance with applicable on the territory of the Republic of Belarus legislation, national standards governing the reproduction, protection and forest logging . Work on the certification aimed at in the process of forest management activities do not infringe on the rights of local people. Forest Stewardship Council FSC™ – is an international nonprofit organization that deals with environmentally responsible forest management, ie that would be in the process of harvesting the environment inflict minimum damage, maximum conservation of biological diversity (habitats of wild animals, birds, mushroom seats, berries) and reforestation was carried out on the latest technologies.

    The reduction of forest SFE “Novogrudok forestry” is aimed at ensuring the conservation of biological diversity and its associated values, water resources, soils, and unique landscapes, the maintenance of ecological functions and integrity of forest ecosystems. During the planning of forest management SFE “Novogrudok Forestry” assesses the impact on the environment. This assessment is aimed at reducing the negative impact of logging operations before, during and after their implementation. In accordance with the concept of high conservation value forests in SFE “Novogrudok Forestry” isolated areas containing natural, cultural and social values, habitat for rare species of flora and fauna, sites performing protective functions, and natural monuments. . To preserve, maintain and improve the selected values of these areas SFE “Novogrudok Forestry” conducted and special events. In areas where there are rare ecosystems, places with populations of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, protected areas allocated a special regime of forest management (prohibited work to change the natural landscape, banned all forms of logging, recreation devices allowed, prohibited the construction of buildings and buildings, power lines and other utilities, hunting). In areas with a presence in the tree layer of rare broad-leaved trees (maple, linden, elm) are limited to all types of logging and other forestry activities. In areas of natural forests in the floodplains around the sources of the rivers, carrying out an important role in regulating water runoff, protect areas from flooding, maintenance of hydrological regime defined by the limited forest management. In areas of the forest with the presence of overmature stands (oak, grabnyaki), where the average age of forest stand age class VI greater than selected limited regime of forest management. GLHU “Novogrudok Forestry” is limited to forestry activities in the areas of forest, where: the tree layer contains five or more trees over the age of 50 years, where the second layer differs by more than 30 years of age at first last at least 80 years, young stands where large trees have survived previous generations.

    To meet the needs of local communities in the fuel are allocated specifically defined areas of forest SFE “Novogrudok forestry.”

    On the territory of SFE “Novogrudok forestry” are habitats of rare animals and birds, and habitats of plants in the Red Book of Belarus, namely:

    Vselyubskoe, Novogrudok Forestry


    Measures used for the protection of species: – Exclusion from forest use (prohibition of all types of cutting) areas, where dwellings are located a badger; – Combating the illicit production and destruction of homes; – Preservation of old-growth forests; – The creation of mixed composition of plants; – Shooting of stray dogs;

    Lyubchanskoe Schorsovskoe forestry CICONIA NIGRA

    Measures used for the protection of species: – Exclusion from forest use (prohibition of all types of cutting) areas, where the black stork nests; – Preservation of old-growth mixed forests; – The allocation of buffer zones around nests; – Leaving on clear felling of large trees;

    On the territory of the forestry occur Nieman, Usha, Servech, Volovka, and other smaller rivers. Lakes: Svityaz, Deaf, Chereshlya. The eastern boundary is adjacent to the forest Schorsovskoe Lake Cromania In addition, there are protected areas and areas with special rules of business. Environmental regulations for these areas are developed by local environmental authorities. The level of protection varies from completely protected until such where possible the implementation of most types of forestry activities, but often in such areas felling and clear felling is prohibited. Protected areas Name of the object area, ha Location (Forestry, quarter apportionment) Date of organization A. Monuments of nature a) The national significance Conglomerates “Smolchitskie” Korelichi a forest, Apt. 37 (40) 2008 Boulder “Bolshory stone Plissky” Vselyubskoe l of, kV. 54 (4) 2008 Boulder “Zapolsky” Svityaz liters of kv.36 (16) 2008 Conglomerate “Zapolsky-1” Svityaz liters of square meters. 36 (16) 2008 Conglomerate “Zapolsky-2” Svityaz l of 36 kV (16) 2008 “Tee-Dub” Svityaz L of square meters. 52 1963 Two. Sanctuaries of republican value Landscape reserve “Svityaz” Svityaz 981 liters of square meters. 39,40,42, (partially), 50.57 (part), 63-66 (in part), 1970 Landscape Reserve “Novogrudok” Lovtsovskoe 1697 liters of ap.6-10 ,13-19 ,25-30 ,32-37 1994 Landscape reserve “Nalibokskaya” 3865 liters of Lyubchanskoe kv.81-90 ,93-97 ,99-101 Schorsovskoe liters of kv.1 ,9,10,15,16,20,21,25,31-7-33, 2005 42.52 Hydrological reserve “Miranka” Secular lesnichestvokv.1 3107-16 ,19,20,77-81 Eremichskoe liters of kv.68-81 1996

    All natural monuments of national importance in the forestry declared the Resolution of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Prot2008g. of Belarus 18.01.2008g. Number 4, except for “Oak-tee”, which declared the decision of the State Committee for Nature Protection of BSSR from 27.12.1963g. Number 22/1. Landscape reserve “Svityaz” was created by Resolution CM BSSR from 3178 18.06.1970g. and declared the Resolution of the CM RB 27.12.2007g. Number 1833 in order to preserve the lake Svityaz, unique landscapes in the vicinity of the lake, wild plants and animals and their habitats, and habitats. On the reserve allowed all kinds of forestry activities, except for the production of forest crops with introduced species of trees and shrubs. Landscape Reserve “Novogrudok” established by the Resolution of the Committee of Ministers of Belarus on 28.10.1994g. Number 142. , Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus 14.12.1994 № 3438-XII and the Resolution Committee of Ministers of Belarus on 03.02.1995, № 77., In order to preserve the natural state of a unique landscape complex, characterized by proliferation of mature spruce, deciduous forests and rare flora for Belarusian plants. In the reserve shall be prohibited felling. Hydrological reserve “Miranka” established by the Resolution of the Committee of Ministers of Belarus on 25.09.1996g. Number 632 in order to stabilize hydrological regime of rivers Neman and Usha. On the reserve allows all types of forestry activities. Landscape reserve “Nalibokskaya” declared the Resolution of the CM RB 27.05.2005g. Number 562 in order to preserve the natural state of the unique landscape of the complex, which is characterized as a large forest, which plays an important role in the hydrological regime of the surrounding area and is a place of growth and habitat of wild plants and animals belonging to the species included in the Red Book of Belarus. On the reserve allows all types of forestry activities.

    The list of specially protected areas with restricted use regime.

    Designation of specially protected forest areas Location (forest, a quarter) Types of cuttings A. Forest areas with the presence of rare and endangered wild animals and wild plants. Two. Forest areas with the presence of relict and introduced species Vselyubskoe liters of square meters. 93 Nalibokskaya liters of square meters. 84 Novogrudok liters of square meters. 112 Korelichi liters of square meters. 48 Secular liters of square meters. 47 Thinning of the forest, sanitary felling Three. Strips of forest around the sanatoria, rest homes, boarding houses, holiday camps, tourist camps, and other medical spa health organizations Vselyubskoe liter of square meters. 29,30,34,44,46 Svityaz l-in. 40,42,43,52 Secular liters of square meters. 37,45,46 Thinning of forest renewal and reformation of cutting, chopping reconstruction, sanitary felling 4. Strip forests around settlements and areas of gardening partnerships Berezovskoye liter of ap.6 ,7,12,15-18-89 ,21,28,35,41,56,57,59,64,75,84 Vselyubskoe liters of square meters. 3-5,15,24,30,32, 35-37,39,40,42,43,50,56,60,61,67-75, 83-85,90,92,100,101,105,107-109 Lyubchanskoe liters of square meters. 2,15-18,21,22,26,30,36,41,47,48,54,56,79, 98.121 Nalibokskaya liters of kv.1-9, 13,18,21,22,24,28,29,31,32,36,37, 39,43,45,46,55,62-66,72,76,79-82, 84.85 Izvenskoe liters of square meters. 1,7,17,36,48,56, 57.61 Lovtsovskoe liters of square meters. 1-13,20-24,26-31,36-39,43,47-50,55,59,71,72,80, 90,93,101,104,105,107-109,112 Schorsovskoe liters of square meters. 30,43,53 Novogrudok liters of square meters. 1-12,14,15,17-21,23-28,30-33,35-38, 41,44,45,47,48,54,56,59,62,65,68, 72,73,76,80,82-85,87-89,92,95, 99-102,105,107,111,112,116-119, 122,128,129,134,135,137,139,140, 144,146-149 Korelichi liters of square meters. 1-5,8,11,13-17,19-21,23-31,33-37,40,42,43,45 – 47,49-52,54,55,58,60-63,65-70 Eremichskoe liters of square meters. 1,10,19-22,44,45,60,61,65-67,77,78,81,87 Svityaz liters of square meters. 5-9,12,13,15,17-19,21,25-28,32-34, 36-38,41,45,48,51-54,57-59,63, 66,67,69-72,74-77,79,81, Secular liters of square meters. 1,4,5,7,9,13,14,18,23,28,30,31,36,39-41,43,46,47,51,59,63,66,68-70,79, 81 Five. Natural monuments of local importance Novogrudok liters of square meters. 22,120,122, Korelichi square. 41.43 Svityaz liters of kv.2 Secular liter of 27.54

    Forests are actively used by local people as a place of rest for the collection of forest by-products of hunting, fishing and as a source of timber. Wood is still a very important resource for the local population in terms of forest harvesting by-products, especially berries and mushrooms. These forest products make up a significant proportion of the diet in rural areas. Brim of selling this product, the local population earns income. The main stakeholders are the district and regional Society of hunters and fishermen and the authorities involved in nature conservation. Trade unions, rural and district administrations, various social organizations. Most of them work at the local or regional level. The stakeholders also include scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, such as the Forest Research Institute, Institute of Experimental Botany, Institute of Zoology, etc., as well as educational institutions (Belarusian State Technological University, Belarusian State University). Timber and wood processing enterprises, both private and are part of the Belarusian Production and Trade Concern of Forestry, woodworking, pulp and paper industry “Bellesbumprom” are the main buyers of roundwood



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